Sunday, 13 November 2011

Review: BuffBar - Modification of Zorba's buff bars

BuffBar is a simple tracker for buffs and debuffs. If you ever used Elkano's Buff Bars in WoW, this addon will be very familiar.

BuffBar is useful as soon as it's installed; it automatically tracks all buffs and debuffs on you, and is easy to understand.

The drag and drop positioning makes moving this addon very easy, and you can quickly customize the size of almost all features including your buffs, other buffs, debuffs, and the width of the buff box itself. The author has included several small tweaks which make this buff bar extremely nice - the ability to filter out permanent buffs like track plants, whitelists and blacklists, and much more.

This is what my Buff Bar UI looked like after a minute or two of tweaking:

Note the order of the buff timers, and the larger debuff at the bottom. The only customization I did was the positioning, disabling permanent buffs, and some fiddling with the width. 

A full list of customizations is available on the addon site linked above.

Installation: 10/10 Easy.  No errors reported.

Plug and Play: 8/10. You can use this right out of the box, though it's definitely improved with some tweaking. Debuffs are automatically larger and at the bottom, buffs are sorted logically by time.

Configuration: 7/10. The drag and drop wins extra points here, but the lack of a GUI means this will take some getting used to for newer players. The command list is short and sweet though, and it shouldn't take much work to get this addon exactly how you want it.

Usefulness: 10/10. Tracking buffs/debuffs is definitely something we all need to do! It retains the ability to right-click to remove buffs, which adds to the usability. It also orders buffs by time remaining, so your shortest abilities (procs, cooldowns, pots) appear at the bottom.

Overall: 8.5/10. I will definitely be leaving this one installed, and will recommend it to other raiders as a good, simple buff tracking option.

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