Sunday, 13 November 2011

How to enable/disable addons in Rift

Enabling an Addon
Rift has made enabling and disabling addons quite simple. 

Step 1
Download the addon you're interested in. For this example, I'll use BuffBar.

Step 2
Locate the downloaded file. It's probably in your Downloads folder. 

Step 3
Right click the zipped file and select "Extract All". This will extract the addon files into its own folder. In this case, the folder is called "BuffBarsv120". Open this folder, and you'll find the actual addon folder.

Step 4
Copy the folder into your Rift Addons directory. This will normally be located at: C:\Program Files\RIFT Game\Interface\Addons. If you're having trouble locating this folder, see the Useful Hints section below.

Step 5
Log in to Rift. At the Character Selection screen, click the "Addons" button. This opens an Addon selection window. Your addon should be enabled automatically. If not, check the box next to your addon and click "Apply".

At that point, your addon is enabled and ready to use!

Disabling an Addon
To disable an addon, simply go back to the Addon selection screen, uncheck the addon, and click "Apply". You can also delete the addon from your addons folder.

Useful Hints:
  • You can go directly to your addon directory by clicking the "Open Addon Directory" button.
  • Unlike WoW, you don't need to log out fully to refresh your addons. Simply click the "Refresh" button, and any new addons you've dropped into the addon folder will display.

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